Feature Documentary  |  85 min  |   Executive Producer  |  Premiered Tribeca Film Festival 2014


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TOMORROW WE DISAPPEAR goes into the fading world of Kathputli, India's last colony of magicians, puppeteers and acrobats. Directed by Adam Weber and Jimmy Goldblum. All photos by Josh Cogan Photography.


Select Press + Awards:

  • Winner, Best Documentary - Florida Film Festival
  • Winner, Audience Award for "Best Documentary" - IFFLA
  • Winner, Special Jury Prize - Salem Film Festival
  • Winner, Special Jury Honor for World Vision - Philadelphia Film Festival
  • Winner, Spirit Award for Best Director - EIDF 2014
  • "20 Best Documentaries of 2014" - IndieWire
  • "Top Film To See At Tribeca" - Wall Street Journal
  • "50 Films To See" - IndieWire
  • "Every once in awhile, in our ongoing pursuit of strange and amazing places, people and stories, we come across something that truly inspires us. One such find is a film entitled Tomorrow We Disappear." - Huffington Post / Atlas Obscura
  • Beautiful, sad and stunning, the film lovingly but unflinchingly documents the destructive collision between tradition and modernization, between ramshackle artistry and regimented bureaucracy. At times it has the vibrant spirit of a real-life “Beasts of the Southern Wild”; at other times it is imbued with a profound sense of loss summed up by the words of gifted puppeteer Puran Bhat: “I wish I could stop the world for a moment.” - TheWrap